Illustration for The Skeeve

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An old friend from both my high school and punk rock days contacted me about doing an illustration for his new website, The Skeeve. The piece, written by memoirist and author Allan MacDonell,  is “‘Badass’ Has Become ‘Awesome,’ and That’s a Problem,” and it’s about the devaluation of the word badass. I hadn’t considered the original meaning of badass before reading the article. I thought it meant something like aggressively cool.

Brainstorming ideas, I remembered “Hah Noon,” Mad magazine’s spoof of “High Noon.” I read it as a reprint in a 70’s. Harvey Kurtzman did the cover image and Jack Davis drew the interior story. Both featured images of the Miller Gang, a true band of badasses, as satirical tough-guy types. We went with that.