MPC Police Patrol Car Kit

Father and Son Projects, Model Building

Plastic model kits used to be a staple of American boyhood. For my son’s generation, Lego kits satisfy the urge to build a miniature version of cool hardware from real life, television and movies.

Car 54 Where Are You?

Car 54 Where Are You?

Snap-together, no-paint kits, like this MPC Police Patrol Car, are somewhere in between. A project that, working together, we could build in a couple of hours but requiring a little more dexterity and problem solving than Lego.


There you are!

This is how it turned out. My childhood modeling experience came in handy because some parts required extra sanding, trimming and even gluing. But it’s an old kit so I have to cut it some slack.

Now it can go on the shelf as a memento of the winter morning we spent together.


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