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I realize that, over the years, this blog not been giving its readers the best possible brand experience. For this, I apologize. Better still, I have taken steps to correct the problem.

Today, I proudly present Fred Stesney: Writing & Illustration.

That’s a new title. I added writing because I am a writer. I’m wrote the previous sentence. And the next one. Every sentence in this post, in fact.

There’s a new look, too. I chose the Illustratr theme. Bold. Clean. Simple. And. Other. Words. Followed. By. Periods.

Then check out the illustration and comics pages. I think the work speaks for itself. Or rather it shouts for itself from a mountaintop, echoing across the canyons, as the sun sets and an eagle soars in the distance.

I look forward to making Fred Stesney: Writing & Illustration a magical place of inspiration, beauty and fully-integrated, strategically-positioned, socially-mediated, global marketing.



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