Father & Son Art Project 2: Forest Witch

Father and Son Projects

Once again I found myself needing an idea for a character. It was another deviantArt creative challenge, this one calling for a witch/warlock, dragon/monster or steampunk warrior.

I remembered a drawing my son did in my sketchbook.

WaltDrawingIt looked like a kabuki scarecrow, to me. With that as inspiration, I made this:

Forest WitchThe Forest Witch is a practitioner of earth majick and her familiars are the raven, the fox and the giant centipede.

When I showed Walt the finished piece, he told me that the original sketch was of a robot.


2 thoughts on “Father & Son Art Project 2: Forest Witch

  1. hahaha I love both the inspiration and the finished project. What I love even more is the story behind it. I’m going to have to invite my 5 year old nephew over again to do some art. So far we made a game( about penguins, polarbears and pirates) and a book( about parrot poop)

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