Mr. Read

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Not available in any store.

Not available in any store.

My son’s kindergarten class is nuts for the Mr. Men and Little Miss series of books. By now, they’ve read all of them so, when my wife volunteered to go to school and read to the kids, I decided to create a new one.

The story is typical of the series but with more jokes aimed at the parents. The protagonist is Mr. Read who likes to read, of course. Also in the story are Little Miss Evil, and Mr. Hip and Mr. Party. Little Miss Punctual was in a early draft but was edited out.

Mr. Men and Little MissesWhen the day came, both the kids and the parents listened and laughed. The teacher asked for a copy.

Most important, it demonstrated to me how quickly I can make a book like this. It felt like every time I start a book project, it would take a year to get it 3/4 done and even then it wouldn’t look as good as I thought it would. This book took about a day, all totaled, and it looks good.


8 thoughts on “Mr. Read

  1. My grandma has given me permission to write this comment. I’m ten years old and I am a really huge Mr. Men fan. I want to print a book the same format of Mr. Men. Did you print this book? If so did you print and bind it yourself or did you go somewhere to get it printed and bound? So anyway, as I said I was a huge Mr. Men fan. By any chance could you please send me a copy of the book?

  2. May I ask how you made the art? Like, a step by step tutorial (it would be useful for me)? Also, it was a good book, you should write another one. :3

    1. It looks like the original books were done with colored marking pens, but I did this in Photoshop. A basic knowledge of any drawing program should get similar results.

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