Illustration Friday – “Return”

Illustration Friday

A basic rule in horror comics is that every murder victim will return from the grave to take revenge on his murderer.

And that’s from the grave. While it would be more practical to seek out your wife and her lover before you’re put in the ground, that’s just not how it’s done. Nope, you have to wait for your flesh to decay appropriately, maybe even a year, before you come back.

Speaking of impracticality, you will be expected to kill with your bare hands. But don’t worry, because it’s another rule of horror comics that those who have it coming will be too frozen in fear to do anything while you strangle them.


5 thoughts on “Illustration Friday – “Return”

  1. This is awesome, the minute I saw it I thought “Tales From the Crypt”. I really like the interpretation of the theme, and it was very well executed. I love the texture in the hair and the floor, the shading and no self-respecting zombie would attack the living without a lame leg.

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