Ready for the SCBWI 2012 Winter Conference

News & Events, Picture Book Project 2012

I’m going back to the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Winter Conference this month. I’m doing the illustrator’s showcase again too. This year the format is different. Last time, illustrators could only show a single image. Now we’re showing portfolios.

My hard book – a fancy brushed aluminum job- is 4″ wider than thedimension limit.  At last year’s showcase, illustrators violated the dimension limits left and right, top and bottom, and no one said anything. Maybe I could have broken the rules with my iron giant, but I decided to make a new book, telling myself that an art director will appreciate an illustrator who respects dimension limits.

We also have the option of showing a book dummy. I found one sitting on my shelf, more of a mini storyboard than a dummy, but it does the job so I’ll include it. With that and a stack of promo cards, I’m ready to tear the world of children’s books a new rabbit hole.


2 thoughts on “Ready for the SCBWI 2012 Winter Conference

    1. I love aviation art and have a couple books on my shelf about plastic model box art. I don’t think I can match the work I see in them, Jack Leynnwood’s in particular.

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