Picturebook Project 2011: Back From The Dead

Picture Book Project 2011

With only two months left in the year, I’m changing my picturebook project. The one I was working on got stalled for reasons too soap operatic to get into. Instead, I’m completing a project abandoned years ago, one that has  haunted me ever since.

Way back in 2004, I had an idea for a picturebook. I considered using  photography until I realized how complicated and expensive that would be. Instead I started a series of illustrations, paint on board. Those paintings were abandoned for reasons that I don’t remember.

When I started working digitally I took another run at it, this time with much more success. Then my computer died and I lost three months of work with it. Too frustrated to retrace my steps, I dropped it again, sensing that it was worth retrying.

Then, in mid October, I saw that I was going to finish 2011 bookless. That thought was more depressing than the thought of rebuilding the book yet again. So here I go again. This time with a backup drive.


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