Illustration Friday – “Layer”

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I’ve been told an illustrator’s blog needs a post about  the work process. It’s has been on my to-do for a while and because Photoshop works in  layers I’m using this week’s IF suggestion as my opening.

I’m not revealing any secrets here. This is painting 101, like I learned in art school.  The only thing that’s different is that now I’m working digitally.

It all starts with, and returns to, the drawing.  If something doesn’t look right, it’s the first thing I check. My apartment building doesn’t allow lions so I worked from a photo.

Next come the shadows. If the drawing looks good but the picture isn’t hanging together, this is the next area to examine.  Getting the values right is a lot easier in Photoshop. I can even lighten the shadows. Take that acrylics.

Then I pain the light. While working on this I found a couple of brushes I like, one for drawing and one for the tones and light. And that’s about it. For me, thinking of what to draw is always harder than the drawing itself.


2 thoughts on “Illustration Friday – “Layer”

  1. I am enjoying your blog. I, too, love the computer and the wonderful new ways to create art. The ability to use layers and the opacity tool is fun. Good luck with your endeavors and I will continue to check out your entries. I am also trying diligently to develop my portfolio pieces but an curious about your “dummy” project. Do you plan to have all the samples be for one book idea? Thanks again for entries.

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