Illustration Friday – “Reverse”

Drawing, Illustration Friday

A behind the scenes look at Silver Surfer #1

Here’s a drawing tip I learned from Burne Hogarth: “a back view of any given figure has exactly the same outline as a completely reversed front view; if we can draw a front view correctly, we can transpose the shape pattern to a correct back view.”

That’s right; a cowboy riding into the sunset might be riding out of the sunset. I thought I’d try this trick with one of my favorite comic book covers, Silver Surfer #1, transposing the front view for the reverse angle.

I don’t draw in the comic style any more but that’s how first learned to draw, copying the illustrations in Marvel comics. Also, Hogarth drew Tarzan for many years so comics seemed like a good fit for my experiment.


One thought on “Illustration Friday – “Reverse”

  1. Very cool, Fred! That’s a great tip from Hogarth… I’ll have to make a point of mentioning that to my students. You did a fabulous faux-Kirby treatment on this piece – I think I’ll follow you on Twitter so I’ll be able to see what you come up with next!

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