Illustration Friday – “Prehistoric Phenomenon”

Illustration Friday

The prospector wasn't loco. There was something in the old mine. Something more valuable than gold.

I had to look up phenomenon. I’ve always the word without knowing the exact definition. Like apropos or wazoo, it’s a word I learned in context and only use within the same context.

A phenomenon is a fact, occurrence, or circumstance observed or observable. Nowadays most people think that a phenomenon is an extraordinary happening, like Facebook or Ice T’s acting career, but a phenomenon can be as mundane as oxidation.

That didn’t help me narrow down the visual possibilities so, once again, I combined it with last week’s word, prehistoric. Fossils are a prehistoric phenomenon, a bit extraordinary, yet a hard fact.

Dinosaur fossils were a known commodity by the mid 1800s so this image is historically possible. Also, most fossils in America are discovered out west. What’s unlikely is that a T-Rex skull would be hanging out in the air like that. Had to do it. Two guys standing in front of a wall wasn’t dramatic enough, even if the wall holds a fossil.


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