Illustration Friday – “Savour”

Illustration Friday

Lipton PosterThis week’s word led me to food, not something I usually paint. The extra u in the spelling told me that I had to do English food, but what?. Figgy pudding? Bangers and mash? Kedgeree?

I drink black tea by the gallon so I made that my subject. When I got out the pot, I noticed how much it looks like a ship. In my advertising days, I worked on both the Cunard Cruise Lines and Lipton businesses. It was all coming together.

One of the joys of working digitally is gimmicks like this – clouds made of tea cups and saucers. It also sidesteps the misery of rendering clouds. Clouds are hard. It’s like painting mashed potatoes. My nightmare assignment is a bowl of mashed potatoes under a cloud-filled sky. With the battle of Waterloo raging in the background.


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