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I have a show of my work in September at the Tea Lounge in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  Many high-falutin (and even mid-falutin) artists wouldn’t show their art in a space with an espresso machine but I feel this is a good move.  My art is parent and kid-friendly and Park Slope in the breeding ground of NYC.  I would guess that on any given month, half of the parents in Park Slope pass thru the Tea Lounge.  This is the event that will launch my career.  I hope.

To make this show happen, I’ll need three things – Art, business cards and a website.  I already have my website.  I’ll order the business cards this week. No big deal.  What is a big deal is making the art itself.  Because I work digitally, I have to get prints made – 11 big ones on canvas. Duggal, a photo lab in Manhattan, is handling the job.  They’re not the cheapest option but I know that they’ll do it right.  I’m looking at test strips this Thursday.

And then there are all the other details – transporting the work, hanging it, pricing and organizing an opening reception.  I’ve had my work in group shows before but this the first time it’s all me.  Sometimes I feel the pressure.  Then I remind myself that I’m showing in a place with an espresso machine.


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