Second Commission

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Finished and ready to ship.

Someone saw my first commission and asked if I could build the Luke Skywalker version of the X-wing Starfighter. “Sure,” I said.

Building the kit version meant wrestling with the decals. While part fit on Bandai kits is exceptional, the decals are not. They’re a bit thick and require a slathering of Micro Sol to to sink into the fine details of the ship’s surfaces.

Two sets of decals come with the kit – the wet decals and plain stickers. I used the wet decals, except for the canopy where the stickers were more practical. In places where the decal wasn’t going to sit right, no matter how much Micro Sol I slathered on, I had to paint on the color.

This is my third build of this kit, and I learn something new every time.

If you want one for yourself, or to see what else I have for sale, visit my Etsy site.

Death Dealer

Model Building
Finished Death Dealer model kit from the Moebius kit.
In case you’re wondering, it’s a mare.

This kit was a Christmas present from years ago. I was too afraid I’d break one of the delicate parts so it sat in its box, unopened. Turns out, it was an easy build. There are some fiddly bits, but they can be saved for last.

The hardest part was how to make it my own. The kit is based on an image, not a thing. And a famous image at that. Even if I painted it with the exact colors, and photographed it with the same lighting as the Frank Frazetta painting, I’d end up with…the original art work. Having to think of a unique take on the character was a guarantee that the kit would sit around for another couple of years so I just used the colors I had that looked good.

Sandwich Bunker Scratch Build

Model Building

This was an exploratory project, seeing what could be done with common materials I had lying around: Foam insulation board, cardboard, plaster of paris, paper mache and kitty litter. The end product was given a coat of grey primer.

This also marks an expansion of Don Stok Vo Kart, my Etsy shop, into diorama elements. I’ll be making more bunkers and ruins, while exploring ideas for customizable kits.

At 1/35 scale, this is a huge structure. Maybe a direct hit from a naval gun could take it out, but not a tank. And there’s enough space inside for a large gun and its crew.

Vintage Agatha Christie Paperbacks


I have a thing for vintage paperbacks. I love the smell of old yellowed paper and the mid-century flair of the graphics and illustrations. They’re the ideal collector’s item because they’re not collector’s items. I don’t have to put them in plastic bags or worry about their condition. I can appreciate them exactly as they are, in their imperfect state. The only thing standing between me and 500 of these printed gems in shelf space.

Surf Wagon

Model Building
Finished Surf Wagon model kit by AMT
Surf Wagon model car kit box art.
Box art

Built this from the AMT Surf Wagon Kit in 1:25 scale as a seasonal project. It’s a little bit of California nostalgia, though I was never a surfer.

I had a can of copper spray paint I wanted to use up, hence the name “Penny.” The kit provides for other versions of a ’65 Chevelle. My guess is that they kept adding accessories to breathe new life into an old kit. No matter what, you’ll end up with spare parts for other builds.

The box art is by Don Greer who worked for AMT during the 1960s. The image sells the lifestyle more than the actual model. For instance, the box sticker calls out “2 surf boards & all new roof rack!” while the car pictured doesn’t have a roof rack. Also, only one of the surf boards in the kit is a long board.

Zero-Gravity Pissing Contest

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Every spacesuit includes a douche nozzle.

Some people are really unhappy to see billionaires in space. I understand how a zero-gravity pissing contest can be unsightly. But save the hate. These are the guys who will take humanity to the next level.

The chief criticism is, “Think of all the good that money could have done on earth with all that money.”  That’s true. Yet I can imagine someone looking at the first automobile and saying the same thing.  In the long run, motor vehicles have done more for humanity than anything that could have been bought for the cost of the first prototype.

And space will not remain the playground of the ultrarich. If the Billionaires Boy’s Club keeps up their battle of the phallic symbol’s, the price of a few minutes at the edge of space will eventually come down to $100,000, then $50,000 and so on, until tourist will choose between space and Europe.

And it won’t stop there. Bezos, Branson and Musk will keep pushing the boundaries -both for ego and for profit- until our species can take advantage of all the raw materials floating out there for the taking. No kidding, there are asteroids in our solar system that are valued in the quadrillions. That’s a lot of zeros.

Put another way, who thinks the money used putting a man on the moon would have been spent on more public housing?