Illustration Friday – “Whiskers”

Meaugh 1st Life: Hall of the Rat King

I recently completed this for the Train Your Brain Contest over at deviantART.  It’s sponsored by The Art Department, an online art school. The challenge was to create the cover of a graphic novel.

Meaugh, the one-eyed knight, is the titular hero of a nine-book series, each tale representing one life. At the end of every adventure it looks like Meaugh is done for, yet he always lands on his feet.

File this under fantasy, because I’m dreaming if I think I’m going to complete a nine-book series of graphic novels.

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About fredstesney

I earned a BFA in illustration from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Naturally, I went into advertising as a writer. Advertising is a great way to earn a living but part of being a creative person is feeling the need to expand one’s horizons. And I am a creative person. So I became an audio engineer. Audio engineering is a terrible way to make a living. The hours are long, the tension is high and most other audio engineers are cranky old men. I’m not a cranky old man. So I spent some trying to decide what to do with my life. You can’t make a living trying to decide what to do with your life. So, remembering my illustration degree that I never got around to doing anything with, I started painting again.
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